About Atlantic Nearshore


A new way of hiring nearshore software developers

Software development Talent is scarce all around the globe and especially hard to find and hire for startups and small business companies in the US and Canada.

Startups and Small business are now looking at Central and South America as an effective source of affordable talent that's on the same time zone and shares similar culture affinities.

Yet finding the right developer(s) on an unknown market not only can be challenging, but not effective as usually developers end up working for one or more intermediaries that take a big chunk of the salary making it easy for the developers to find better job opportunities.

We recruit local talent and we hire locally with all local legal requirements to help create a transparent and honest relationship between all parties achieving the best possible conditions for the developers and the hiring company

We generate a win/win/win relationship under a transparent low cost business model where the developer gets more benefits and the company a reliable partner to help them grow.


Benefits of our model

Maximize Salary

Semi Senior or senior devs that speak good English are looking for stable jobs with North American companies that allows them to grow both economically and professionally, we maximize the salary by charging a low fee on top of their salary and exposing all other costs as optional.

Direct employee relationship

We are the intermediary and your local support that makes it possible to legally hire developer's in South America, but we want a transparent relationship where the developers know how much the company is paying them and to feel part of the hiring company.

High Exchange Rate

If you were to hire developers directly not only they would not be following a legal path, but they would get a lower exchange rate that the one we get as a company. They will also earn the exchange rate difference, this is something that doesn't happen on the regular staff augmentation model.

Flexible Low-Cost Model

One time: $1500 recruiting fee.

Monhtly: 12% to 30% ($350 minimum).

Extras: (Computer, CoWork, Perks)

Local Support

We provide local support so that your developer(s) feel part of a local company, we celebrate birthdays and special dates. We also provide co-work space at an additional fee.

Devices available for rent

If you don't want your developer to use their own device, we can rent a PC or MAC along with testing devices for mobile development.
This service starts at $50 a month.