Work legally for companies in North America with all Colombian legal benefits


Great places to work

Our goal is to create long-term relationships, and that starts by providing options where you will feel comfortable and with technicall challenges.


Top Market Salary

Your English skills and experience are the doors to top market salaries plus a unique exchange rate bonus.


Transparent Employment Relationship

Our business model provides the best of both worlds, not only the economic benefits of US companies, but also being able to get loans in Colombia due to having a legal labor contract.


Daily English

Practice your english by interacting daily with native speakers and international teams.


Top Exchange Rate

We get a better exchange rate as a company that you can get as a freelancer or contractor.


Unique Exchange Rate Bonus

We are unique, our priority is your economic stability with a base COP Salary + USD Exchange rate benefits.


Always Remote

Work remote from within Colombia, arrange your work terms directly with the hiring company.


Transparent Relationship

Transparency is at our core, our model is open, your salary is negotiated with you and the hiring company.


Local support

We are here for you, we look out for you well being, and we help provide local perks.


Ask Question?

The pandemic created opportunities with US and Canadian companies that were not open to remote workers before and that will benefit from developers in nearshore location, but the current system have different flaws that we wanted to correct.

Our end goal is to provide top employment opportunities for English speaking software developers in Colombia and to help cool and unique tech-savy companies find and legally hire.

Currently many developers have a job directly with US companies, but they act as contractors creating a legal void by not fulfilling the labor law, but also banks are not happy to provide loans to individual contractors in Colombia.

We expect to create long-term relationships and rock solid foundation is a labor contract that will provide you financial stability and the means to fulfill your personal and family goals.

Having a Colombian labor contract helps you buy the House or Car that you want.

Both, we define together a salary base in COP that will have all the benefits such as cesantias and legal bonus and will provide our unique exchange rate bonus that will add to your salary every month as long as the USD exchange rate is above a defined cushion rate.

We start from your salary aspiration in COP and convert it to USD including all labor costs, if we think that the cost is low we will increase it, if it's high then we will present you only to companies with the required budget as we believe that long-term stability start from earning what you expect or more.

We will disburse payroll once a month and it will be you base salary + the exchange rate bonus, depending on the current exchange and your salary you can expect the bonus to be between $50 USD to $500 USD.

You can schedule a and interview, and we will go over possible scenarios based on your real salary aspiration, click here to schedule an interview.

We provide all legal benefits and perform the legal deductions.

  • Health and Pension.
  • 2 half base salary Yearly Bonus (primas).
  • 1 base salary for housing or university (cesantias).
  • 9% of Cesantias interest rate.
  • 15 business vacation days a year.
  • Local compensation park and recreation. (Comfandi, Comfenalco)
  • All other legal benefits such as Parenthood and Motherhood time off paid by the EPS.
  • This is something that is defined and negotiated per company and position base, some companies and positions don't require it, others do. We advise on a flexible holiday policy, but this doesn't depend on us, please let us know if it will be a requirement on your end to not work holidays to present you profile as such.

    We will disburse payroll once a month and it will be you base salary + the exchange rate bonus, depending on the current exchange and your salary you can expect the bonus to be between $50 USD to $500 USD.